Mango-Lime Pavlova

I was first introduced to the New Zealand dish a while back when watching one of Ina Garten’s shows on the Food Network. Which afterwards I made once and then forgot about them for quite a while. That is, until quarantine. 

I was looking for a little inspiration when I came across @farahazureenalmedwahi on Instagram promoting her food Instagram account ( and at the same time letting us all know she is selling the MOST BEAUTIFUL pavlovas I have ever seen. I wanted one so badly, but here’s the sad part for me, she lives in Malaysia. So instead of buying 100 of them as I truly wanted (which if you live in Malaysia or happen to find yourself there please buy some and eat them for me let me know what I am missing out on) I had to create my own. 

These are not nearly as beautiful or as tasty as hers are. So get the real things if you can. But if you live far away from Malaysia like me here is a good alternative.

So without further delay, take this trip with me (through your kitchen) to Malaysia (or New Zealand where this dish originates or even Russia since the dish is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova; You do you).

Tool Kit:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 1 cup sugar
  • The zest of 6 limes
  • Vanilla bean Paste
  • Patience 
  •  Two mangos cut up

A Few Notes

  • Depending on how big you make your pavlova’s will depend on how many this makes and how long this dish takes. I used a silpat mat with pre marked circles on them. I think it is technically for macarons but I use it every time I am dealing with a meringue.
  • This will make about 10-20 Pavloves depending on the size and will take approximately 3-4 hours to make. (this is counting for prep, baking, and cooling time)
  • You can also make a whipped cream to go on top which I highly recommend. I just did not have any cream so I made mine without. 
  • If your oven is too hot, the sugar will melt too quickly and will make the bottoms ugly. You have been warned. 

Let’s Do This!!

Seperate your egg whites from the yolks, save the yolks for a different dish (I always use mine to make Hummingbirdhigh’s egg yolk chocolate chip cookies, it calls for 3 but I put in 4 because why not?) Next add your egg whites to the bowl of your stand mixer and mix with the whisk attachment until frothy. Once frothy, slowly add in your sugar. Mix on medium high until medium peaks have formed.

While you wait on the mixer to do all the hard work, Get a piping bag ready. You can use whichever tip you’d like. OR if you are feeling extra rebellious you can always use a cookie scooper to get yours out and then just create a well in the center. 

Once you have medium peaks, add in your lime zest and vanilla bean paste. Now whip till stiff peaks have formed. While you wait for the mixer to do its magic, preheat your oven to 215F (or 101.7C) and prepare a bake sheet with either a silicone mat or parchment paper.

Now for the fun part, creating your bowl. If you are doing the cookie scoop method then just go ahead and scoop onto your bakesheet and create a well in the center like we discussed earlier. Now for the piping bag method: take your piping bag and start in the center. Create circles going out until you have your desired base, then build up along the edge until you have what looks like a bowl or a cute little birds nest. 

Place in the oven and start checking it after 1 hour. It should feel solid all around and the bottoms flat. If not, put it back in for another 30 minutes. Repeat until perfect.

Let them cool, this is where you would make your whipped cream if you wanted to. Chop up your mangos, fill the center with the fruit and EAT THEM ALL.


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