A Food Journey to: Quebec

Today I would like to introduce you to the restaurants you should eat at in Quebec City, and two that are a little outside of town, that are NOT the two restaurants every older person you’ve ever met tells you to eat at. I wont even name names because I am sure you’ve already heard of them, ones really old and one is a flambé restaurant that was on TV. When it comes to those two restaurants, “I don’t know her.” BUT THESE, these I do know, in fact we are best friends and I DREAM of some of these dishes even now. Some of these restaurants are quite affordable and others are definitely considered a splurge but all are delicious with FRIENDLY STAFF.

Bistro St-Malo

Bistro St-Malo was a surprise find for us. We had planned on going across town to a different restaurant but got too hungry and wandered our way into here. We arrived at the perfect time and were able to get in without a reservation but I do recommend making one if you plan on eating at a normal dining time. I know you just took a sneak peek at the photos for this and are screaming “CHEESE ON SNAILS????” and I am here to tell you: yes, cheese on snails. Their escargot was covered in a garlicy butter and CHEESE. the cheese was gooey and the same squeaky texture as the snails and I swear went so well together I am not sure why it isn’t something everyone does. I wish we ordered a second thing of them it was that fantastic. The other dish was also good but just wasn’t as revolutionary to me as the cheesy escargot but was absolutely delicious.

La Lapin Suate

Again, I say: get the cheese. The cheese plate, the cheese fondue, the goat cheese pasta, get it all but if you are like me also bring your lactose intolerance medicine. Everything here was phenomenal, even the sangria. This had a really cute outdoor area but we were here in June and it was just a little too hot for us to sit outside after walking all day.

Le Saint Amour

I LOVE A TASTING MENU. This restaurant had a little indoor garden eating area that we sat in which really enhanced the whole fancy garden dining vibe. You can order a la cart here but it really is extra fun to do the tasting menu if your budget and time allow for you to do so. If you are not a big drinker though, I do not recommend doing the wine paring with it. Our wine loving friend did the wine paring, while we did not, and she found that the wine portion became overwhelming towards the end of the meal.


This restaurant also offers a tasting menu but after being so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of food we ate the previous day at Le Saint Amour we decided that the tasting menu this time around would be a little too ambitious. Instead, we ordered a handful of a la cart dishes and they did not disappoint. The first photo on your left is the cheese plate of my dreams; Everything was soft and spreadable. They also had a mixologist on hand who when asked if he could make me something fun and sweet replied with “I have some freshly juiced rhubarb from my garden I brought today” and whatever he made with it was absolutely delicious. The staff, again, was beyond helpful and friendly and I would go back here tomorrow if I had the chance.

Le Souche- Microbrasserie

Now we get out of Quebec City and get onto a little bit of a road trip. Here we found a cute little brewery and the perfect place to try poutine for the first time. The atmosphere was relaxed with friendly staff, the perfect relaxing stop before our waterfall “hike.”

Le Sainti

We had quite a journey getting here. Sometimes google is wrong when it gives you a short cut that was not given to you as an original option. And sometimes that short cut takes you and your rental baby car into what I assume is a walking trail. With big rocks and a “water crossing.” And sometimes you have to back up in that baby rental car in the literal woods and be thankful that you weren’t the one having to actually drive (but also know that if you were driving you wouldn’t have taken that DIRT TRAIL!!!) Anyways we saw a double rainbow once we got to the restaurant and all was fine. The food, staff and view were all exceptional. There was even a little beach area right outside where we walked off our dinner and took photos before heading back.

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