Throw-It-All-In Shakshuka

Shakshuka is one of my favorite dishes to make when I have veggies or eggs that I need to use up soon. This time the item I needed to get rid of was potatoes. Which yes, I could have gone the mashed potatoes route but I was CRAVING shakshuka so I decided to go aContinue reading “Throw-It-All-In Shakshuka”

Whole Roasted Chicken & Basically Gravy Potatoes

Tool Kit: Your largest cast iron skillet A digital meat thermometer  Preferably one that you can tell it what temperature to go off at One whole chicken  One whole head of garlic  One medium yellow onion quartered One blood orange quartered  Thyme Rosemary 6 tablespoons of butter Roughly 20 idaho red potatoes quartered A FewContinue reading “Whole Roasted Chicken & Basically Gravy Potatoes”

Blueberry Syrup

Tool Kit: 1 Cup sugar 1 cup blueberries The zest and juice of one lemon Let’s Do This!! Put all of the ingredients into your favorite sauce pan or enamel cast iron pot and put it on medium low heat. Stir every couple of minutes to ensure everything gets dissolved evenly. Once it starts toContinue reading “Blueberry Syrup”

The Put-on-everything Roasted Garlic

Tool Kit: 2 whole heads of garlic Aluminum Foil OR Parchment Paper 2 teaspoons of olive oil Salt & pepper This will be both the fanciest/ most extra thing you can do while also being the easiest. Roasting your garlic before adding it to things like mashed potatoes (recipe coming soon) can really elevate aContinue reading “The Put-on-everything Roasted Garlic”