Sweet and Spicy Tomatillo Salsa

Tool Kit: 2 heads of garlic 2 jalapenos (or more if you’d like) 9-12 tomatillos 13-15 cherry tomatoes 2 tablespoons of sugar (may need more or less depending on how acidic your batch is) Salt & pepper Olive oil A Few Notes This is messy if you do not use foil. I usually use aContinue reading “Sweet and Spicy Tomatillo Salsa”

The Easiest Vegan Thai Curry

Tool Kit: Anywhere between 5 tablespoons to a whole can of your favorite curry paste  For this one I used a green curry paste 1 can of full fat coconut milk Salt & pepper to taste Cayenne pepper to taste 4 large garlic cloves minced (or more if you like it garlicy) Pick a fewContinue reading “The Easiest Vegan Thai Curry”